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As this section includes even the most remotely related topics, its length is highly variable; depending on the theme and amount of past research. The introduction – After the table of content, the introductory part is included. This narrows down the author’s perspective and pinpoints the direction of the paper.

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One issue while writing the application essay that troubles every student is about the length of the common app essay. However, it is easy to gain knowledge about this issue with some online research. Further, you may have had some practice to write within a word limit during high school when your teacher used to assign essays with a strict word limit or page limit. Every student including you, spend a lot of time agonizing over the topic and length of the application essay.

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It’s not always in the right notion to go in order down the chain as certain factors that are included later on affect the preceding sections. Having knowledge about what to draft when comes with experience and shouldn’t be taken for granted. While writing a dissertation proposal, the author of the paper must be in close contact with the higher authorities overseeing the drafting process. They may suggest changes at a minuscule level that will be easier to rectify and this turns the whole operation into a much more manageable affair. The writer has to choose one of the above-mentioned designs to go ahead with data collection and analysis. These above-mentioned types are categorized under two broad categories – Quantitative and qualitative research.

Firstly, some colleges allow with exceeding with two to five words but it is not advisable to do so, because sometimes it is not possible to do so. Another aspect being that if there is copy paste then you might not be selected. Sometimes it also happens that if there is surprisingly increase in the number of words, the reader would stop reading from that point onwards. Different websites provide with different numbers which is why emphasis must be on authentic and reliable source.